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San Jose Earthquake Retrofitting & Repair

The San Francisco Bay Area experiences close to 10,000 earthquakes every year. While most of them are so small they go unnoticed, nearly a dozen hit a magnitude of 4.0. Earthquakes this strong are capable of knocking a home off its foundation and causing some serious damage. Earthquake retrofitting, also known as seismic retrofitting, is the process of repairing a home or business in an effort to make the structure more resistant to seismic activity, such as soil shifting due to earthquakes.

Seismic Retrofitting Company

If you are living in San Jose or the surrounding area, your home is susceptible to the damages wrought by seismic activity. When it comes to protecting what matters most to you, it pays to partner with experienced structural engineers, like the ones here at Moore Construction. We have more than 25 years of experience displaying the finest skill and technique when it comes to retrofitting and repairs. We know what an important role our services play in the safety and security of your household, and strive to provide each our San Jose clients with the highest quality of service. Seismic retrofitting involves bolting a home to its foundation as well as adding plywood to cripple walls. At Moore Construction, we have experience with all types of foundations, including hillside construction, non-ductile concrete, construction, and soft story construction.

Earthquake Proof Home with Moore Construction

The term earthquake proof gets tossed around a lot in the industry, but there really is no stopping the forces of mother nature. However, you can prepare for when she strikes by teaming up with Moore Construction. For additional information or if you would like to know about seismic retrofitting projects we’ve completed in the past, we encourage you to get in touch with us today. You can’t put a price on peace of mind!

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